How To Decide If Using A Scale Is Right For You

*This post may be triggering for those struggling with eating disorders. If you feel that may be you, please skip it and peruse the Eating Recovery Center website for more information and help.

Truth: I have not voluntarily weighed myself (doctor visits excluded) in years. I’m just not interested. The number on the scale holds zero meaning for me.

One question I hear quite often from my clients is related to the scale. How much can I expect to lose? What should my goal weight be? When will I lose all this weight?

While these are valid questions, I strongly encourage my clients to move away from the number and start focusing on overall, whole body feel. Additionally, muscle is denser than fat and doesn’t need as much room in your body. So, while you’re losing fat and expecting to see the scale number go down, it may in fact go up a bit. Which is another reason fixating on a number becomes tricky.


Regardless of what the scale says, I feel my personal best when my diet is mostly fruits, vegetables, lean poultry, few whole grains and when my workouts are consistent (5 times a week at least). If I use these healthy habits, I know I am at my happy weight, not because I’ve weighed myself, but because I feel good physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Pull out all the food you need

When these healthy habits take a backseat, or life happens (hello moving!), then I turn to the darker, more brooding side of things. Not good.

Now, I’m not saying to never use a scale, because that can turn negative as well, but I am saying there is a time and a place. What is NOT a time and place? Weighing yourself more than once a day, or even every day. How will that be a positive experience when our body weight fluctuates by a few pounds throughout a single 12-72 hour period?

So, how do you decide if using a scale is right for you? Think through the following points. Whichever one you identify more with is your best bet.

Using a scale might be for you…

  • If you need a baseline weight before starting an exercise program.
  • If you need to keep yourself accountable throughout a fitness program with something more tangible and specific.
  • If tracking your successes and setbacks gives you extra motivation.
  • If you’re a numbers person.

Yasso 800 times

Using a scale might not be for you…

  • If the number you see leaves you with more negative thoughts throughout the day and de-motivates you to continue your program.
  • If you are trying to develop your inititive skills on how you feel, how to eat, and when to add more intensity to your workouts.
  • If you don’t already own one. (This is the budget-friendly option.)
  • If your looming weigh in date is going to stress you out.
  • If the number is going to trigger you to exhibit unhealthy habits (i.e. extreme dieting, overexercising, excessive use of diuretics, etc.)

If you decide that using a scale is the right choice for you, that’s fantastic! A few recommendations on how to use it in a positive way include:

  • Weigh yourself every 2-4 weeks. I would lean more to the 4 week mark, but if you need a more consistent check in, every 2 weeks should be plenty.
  • Use the same scale, at the same time of day, with the same amount of clothing. Otherwise, your numbers are going to be a bit skewed.
  • Write the number down somewhere. If you are keeping a workout log put it in there, or send the number to your trainer to record. It takes the guess work out of your next weigh in.

Two clients after their Color Me Rad Race!

  • Don’t use it as your only means of success or setbacks. There are so many factors to consider when getting and staying healthy that the scale should just be a piece of that, not the whole picture. There are so many Non-Scale Victories and Non-Food Rewards for you to chose from!

RQ: What are your thoughts on using scales for your personal life or for a weight loss/fitness program?

Lately…The Life Needs More Hours In The Day Version

Hello Friends!

I know it’s cliche to apologize for a long blogging absence, but I have to apologize. I really need more hours in the day because I’ve missed you all! Writing, reading, the whole blog thing!

Let me explain:

Track started! This is my first season being head coach for track (I was head for cross country as well). I was assistant for half of last track season and head coach for the other half, but I am so thrilled to start this season with a fresh outlook and clean slate. We are three weeks into practice and the kids are excited, positive, and itching to get their first meet under their belts.


We moved into our new house! Officially official that we live in our new place. It is by no means “done”, and would be better be described as “glamping”, but we running water, working toilets, and as of yesterday, a brand new stove!

New oven!

To give you an idea of the work we still need to do, we are using the old kitchen cabinets with a door glued to the top as our kitchen counters. It may not be pretty, but it is extremely functional.

Functional Kitchen Counters

I’m getting back into running. I am so so thrilled to be running the Thelma and Louise Half Marathon in Moab on June 6. Unfortunately, June is right around the corner and my running has been capital S-slacking. Fortunately, our new area has tons of trails to explore.

Trail Exploration

Rob and I have done three runs together the past few days and no two have been in the same direction or on the same path yet. Woot!

Blog conferences are sneaking up quick. This year, two of the best blog conferences are in Colorado. Blend is hitting Boulder in May (here’s last year’s recap), and Fitbloggin’ is coming to Denver in June. It will be my first year at Fitbloggin’, but I’ve only heard super wonderful things about it.

Ok, it doesn’t sound like much is going, but I promise it’s life has been way more busy than this makes it sound!

RQ: What’s been keeping you busy lately? What’s an unusual way you’ve made something functional?

Lately…The Mostly Moving and Construction Version

Hello Friends!

I hope you you are staying warm if you are in Colorado today, and are hunkered down with enough food and entertainment if you’re in the Northeast. It looks brutal up that way!

I figured it was about time to catch you up on the happenings around here, especially if you don’t follow me on Instagram (which you should). Warning: Most of what I have to share has to do with moving and our renovation, so if you’re tired of hearing about that (which I hope you’re not because there is much more to come), I’ll talk with you later.

The past week and a half I have been busy:

picking out tile! You would think that with an interior designer for a mom, an architect for a dad, and rather artist sisters, I would have an eye for color and style. Alas, that gene must have missed me. This is probably the tenth version Rob and I went through (and it wasn’t event the final one).

Tile Choices - number 10

packing. We decided to slowly move our things from the apartment over to the new house for the past two weeks. It helped a ton yesterday when the big move happened because we only had the bulky stuff to contend with. I highly recommend this if it’s possible for you.

Packing the last few things

semi-settling into an in-between house. Our contractor knew he wasn’t going to be finished by his proposed date, and our move in date. So, he offered Rob and I his rental house to stay in for about a week or so while he finishes up. Luckily it is only two blocks from our new house, so we can run over real quick after work and check on things.

Rental House Essentials Only

enjoying the view from Lodo’s in Highlands Ranch. For Valentine’s Day, we enjoyed a late lunch on the patio of Lodo’s. Burgers, beers, and 60 degree weather made for a fantastic afternoon.

View from Lodo's Highlands Ranch

getting excited about the Winter Thaw Burn. These burns have been so much fun for me. I can’t believe they have been going for over a year now! I love coming up with ways to make them new and exciting for my returning clients, and friendly and welcoming for new ones. If you have been thinking about joining one, I highly recommend it, not because I am biased, but because it is a truly inspiring group of women.

Winter Thaw Burn

recruiting for the track team. Track season starts next week and I have been recruiting like a mad woman. With only 12 kids on the team last year, and eight of them being throwers, I am determined to have a bigger team this year. So far, I have verbal commitments from about 30 kids. We’ll see how many show up on the first day.

Phew! I knew things were busy, but sometimes typing it all out makes it seem more hectic. At least it’s all positive, exciting things (except for the tile…ugh).

RQ: Tell me what’s going on with you! Do you enjoy moving? Renovating?

Winter Thaw Burn

With most spring breaks happening in March and April, we are at the time of year where you need to start planning for it now. Booking vacations, shopping for warm-weather clothing, and hitting the gym will have you prepared for a fun spring break!

That’s why the Winter Thaw Burn is here!

Winter Thaw Burn

This workout plan is 4 weeks of full body conditioning to help you come out of hibernation and get ready for spring, which is right out the corner!  The Winter Thaw Burn will feature all new workouts!

Why is this Burn something you should do?

  • To help you shake off that hibernation feeling and prepare for spring!
  • To improve/maintain your overall fitness through full body strength and conditioning.
  • If you have your sights set on completing a 5k.
  • There is a max of 6 moves, more often less, in each workout, so you won’t feel overwhelmed by learning new moves.
  • Each workout takes about 30-45 minutes tops!
  • If you need a change in, or some fresh air put into, your workouts.

Here is what you will get during the 4 week Burn:

  • 5 days a week of full body workouts
  • 5k Run Plan Add On. This is optional and includes 3 days of running each week.
  • Optional entry to a virtual 5k at the end of the 4 weeks with some sweet prizes.
  • Daily health tips to help you make small changes that lead to big differences
  • Daily questions to make you think about your progress and obstacles (NEW!)
  • 24-day Fitness Challenge (NEW!)
  • Picture sheets of all workouts
  • Membership into a secret Facebook group for tips, motivation, encouragement, and accountability from me as well as other members of the Burn
  • Beginner modifications and advanced progressions for every workout to make it more manageable and more challenging depending on what you need
  • Tracking sheet to monitor your progress
  • Six days a week of motivation, encouragement, and accountability from me (via Facebook)
  • Access to your very own personal trainer (me!)
  • Varied levels of support throughout the 4-weeks (NEW!)

Items you will need:

  • timer/stopwatch
  • deck of cards
  • free weights
  • space to move, jump, twist, and lay down
  • mat, or soft place for floor moves
  • cardio machine, or a place to walk/run

What is this virtual 5k you mentioned?

The virtual 5k will take place at the end of the Burn as a way to culminate all your hard work, especially if you participate in the 5k run plan add on. As a participant, you will have to send in some sort of check in picture to show that you completed the 5k by midnight on March 22.  Then, your name will be entered into a raffle!

Registration for the 5k is only $5!

The Winter Thaw Virtual 5k is not exclusive to Burn participants and is open to anyone. All proceeds from the 5k will be going to support the Sheridan High School Track Team as part of a larger, in-person 5k. Raffle prizes will be announced a little later, but entrance to the raffle is based on participation, not speed. So you can walk, crawl, or skip the 5k and still be entered to win!

What are the dates of the Winter Thaw Burn?

The Winter Thaw Burn runs from February 23 – March 21, 2015. Once you register, you will receive a confirmation email from me. The official welcome email will be sent on Sunday, February 22.

What are the varied levels of support you mentioned and how do I register?

Registration is simple. Just click the links to be taken to Paypal. Please feel free to email me with any questions at

Winter Thaw Virtual 5k Only – $5 – Proceeds go to support the High School Track Team!

Level 1: Winter Thaw Burn Program Only - $25

This level gets you a weekly email with the workouts, health tips, and 24-day fitness challenge. This option is great for those who don’t want to check in with someone, but prefer to just take a program and work through it on their own.

Add the virtual 5k to this level for only $5 more! Winter Thaw Burn Program Only with Virtual 5k – $30

Level 2: Winter Thaw Burn with Facebook Group - $40

This is your standard Burn. You will receive everything mentioned above, including access to the secret Facebook group for daily accountability and motivation. This option is great for those who enjoy having a group behind them and a trainer available for any quick questions.

Add the virtual 5k to this level for only $5 more! Winter Thaw Burn with Facebook Group and Virtual 5k - $45

Level 3: Winter Thaw Burn with twice weekly personalized email check ins - $55

This level gets you access to everything mentioned above including the secret Facebook group. In addition, you and I will work more closely together through two personal emails per week for more individualized focus on your goals, needs, questions, progress, and setbacks. This option is perfect for those who need to be held accountable in a more in-your-face type of way.

Add the virtual 5k to this level for only $5 more! Winter Thaw Burn with twice weekly emails and Virtual 5k – $60

Can I give the Winter Thaw Burn as a gift?

Yes! You absolutely can! If you are gifting these 4 weeks of fitness to a friend, please put her name and email address in the notes section. If you need me to keep it a secret (i.e. hold off on their confirmation) until a specific date, please also put the date it’s ok to tell in the notes section.

Please email me with any questions or concerns you may have at If you are interested in online personal training, but this program doesn’t fit your needs, check my Training Services page for other options. I would love to work with you!

You can also read testimonials about training with Wrecking Routine here.

**I am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Women’s Fitness Specialist, but am not a Registered Dietician. Please consult your physician before starting any new exercise routine or diet.**

RQ: Are you in?

13 Cheap and Easy Date Ideas for the Active Couple

Thank you all so much for your participation in my Blog Feedback Survey. I sincerely appreciate each and every one of your comments and suggestions. If you haven’t filled it in, you still can!

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, the pressure is on to make the day special for you and a loved one. Since Rob and I don’t like to spend too much on Valentine’s Day, and prefer being active (it’s a running joke that I can’t sit still), I thought I’d share a few date ideas if you and your SO are the same way.

Date Ideas

If you’re going the present route, check out how to put together 12 months of dates.

Have a Wine, Cheese, and a Movie Night – Even though we are not good at sitting still, when you put some different cheeses and a delicate wine in front of me, I am usually good for almost an entire movie. Having something to do (eat cheese) while watching a film (from Netflix or Redbox) makes for a fun evening.

Champagne and Cheese

If your King Soopers has a cheese section, they have small samples of cheeses for $5 or less!

Bar Hop – A few weekends ago, Rob and I decided to stop for one drink in each of the bars in Old Town Littleton that we had not been too. We had a blast sipping cocktails at four different places and then moving on. We indulged by getting drinks we normally would never order like Prosecco and a Whiskey-Absinthe concoction.

Compete in a Game Night – Get a little friendly competition going with a board game or two. Scrabble is a good game for two players. Take it outside to play (if the weather in your area is nice), or make it more interesting by only playing words that have to do with a specific category (i.e. nature, food, movies).

See a Movie at a Theater with Recliner Seats – Before seeing the Hunger Games over winter break, Rob and I hadn’t been to a movie theater in over 6 months. The theater we went to had recliner seats, huge arms rests, and about 50 people total. It was such a fun and special experience for us!

Take a Cooking Class – Rob and I had a blast during our stay-cation honeymoon taking an Iron Chef cooking class at Stir to Learn. It was a bit pricey, and probably the most expensive date on this list, but it was a complete blast! Check if there is a cooking class in your town and schedule a spot. Stir to Learn had a bartender as well, which gave the night an even more special feel.

Stir to Learn Cooking Class

Run a Race – Adventure races, 5k’s, and other fun competitions are available just about every weekend. Pick a race and have fun either competing against each other, or just having fun together on the course. You get up, get active, and many races offer some tasty libations after the event.

The Great Pumpkin Haul

Chopped Night – One of our favorite channels is the Food Network, and a favorite show is Chopped. For a little fun, head to the grocery store and pick out a 4 ingredients that the other person has to use to cook something for dinner, dessert, or an appetizer. Good luck!

Pick Out a Groupon Experience (and then go have it). – Rob and I are huge fans of giving experiences rather than things. As such, we spend a lot of time pursuing Groupon. Make a date to pick out an experience and then go have it! Who knows what you will discover!

See a Show – Old Town Littleton has a super cute little theater that only sells tickets to their shows an hour before curtain. The tickets are inexpensive (under $40), the shows are pretty good, and it makes for a special evening out. Find a local theater in your neck of the woods and try it out.

Have an Active Day – If the sun is out, and it’s warm enough, plan an activity day. The only requirement is to do two activities or more in one day. That way a long hike doesn’t get boring, and the faster cyclist doesn’t leave the other person behind all day. We like to go for a bike ride and then a short run or hike at the place we rode to. Bring snacks and plenty of water!

Bike Riding on Active Day

Go Wine/Beer Tasting – The best part of going wine or beer tasting? Often times there is more than one place to taste. You get to move locations, try new things, and talk to new people. Check Groupon for deals to make it a bit less expensive.

Beer Tasting

Visit a Casino – Laughlin, day or spend night – While we’re not huge gamblers, some of our fondest memories were spending a night or two at a casino. Laughlin, the cheap version of Vegas, was a blast. Find a casino near you to visit for the day, or the night if you can swing it, take $5-10 each and see how long you can make it last. You’re up, you’re moving, and you’re doing something together.


Take a Fitness Class You’ve Been Wanting to Try – Many gyms (like Orangetheory) offer a first class free and some Corepower Yoga’s offer a free class once a week. Head out for a new sweat fest you can enjoy experiencing together.

Free Class at Orangetheory

Now that you have plenty ideas on how to make the 14th special, start planning them!

RQ: What are some of your favorite cheap and active dates?

Dumpster Filling and Blog Feedback

You know what’s awesome? Waking up and thinking it’s Tuesday for a solid hour, but then realizing it’s Wednesday! That was a nice surprise.

Construction on the new house has officially started and Rob and I are thrilled to have a huge dumpster to finally clear out the house and get things moving. We move in just a few short weeks, so our contractor is one buys man right now.

A man and his trash pile

As Wrecking Routine moves through its third year, there are a whole slew of ideas floating around my head. However, without you, my readers, this little space would be nothing and I want to be sure WR is bringing you what you want. 

In order to make that happen, I have a quick, 10-question that I would be immensely grateful if you took a minute or two to fill out. Your interests will help guide this space. Thank you in advance for taking the time to do this!

RQ: What was the best part of your day? What is your favorite part of reading, and/or writing, blogs?

Things To Do In Thailand If You’re Not A Heavy Partier

Thailand, and Bangkok in particular, are known for their party scenes. Drugs, sex, alcohol, all-nighters, benders, unlimited mischief, you name it and you can most likely find it in Thailand.

Words to live by in Thailand

Since Rob and I are not heavy drinkers, let alone partiers. Thailand seems like an odd choice. We’re not into drugs, we didn’t need to see a drag show, and we can only take so many cocktails. I mean, you already know why we can’t hang there. However, experiencing the insanity of Bangkok and enjoying the turquoise-green waters of the beaches, makes Thailand a must-visit country.

If you’re planning a trip to Thailand and want to avoid a real life rendition of the Hangover Part II, then here are a few things you should think about adding to your itinerary.

Walk down Khoa San road around dinner time. Khoa San road is the famous backpackers street in Bangkok. While you can find all means of mischief, you can also just walk along and take in the sights, sounds, and smells of the street. It really is a fun place to hang out!

Sit at a bar with a street view and watch the world go by. Even though we’re not crazy partiers, Rob and I do enjoy a cocktail or two. We found this open air bar with street-side stools where we sat, sipped a beer, and watched the evening unfold on the road and sidewalks before us.

Enjoy a beer street side

Between the sexpats and lady boys arriving for their night of mischief, we were able to get a feel for the craziness of Thailand without actually participating.

Visit the Grand Palace. The palace, once home to the Thai King for 150 years, is truly beautiful. Everything is so ornate, colorful, and just mystical. You could easily spend half a day walking around the buildings and grounds.

Grand Palace beauty

Men and women alike need to cover their legs, but not to worry! There are street vendors out front willing to rent you some colorful garments. I also recommend sandals as you have to remove your shoes for any building you enter.

Looking Stylish at the Grand Palace

Sample some street food. – While scorpions on a stick may not be your thing, the gyro with everything on it had Rob hooked. For a sweeter treat, go with the banana pancake covered in Nutella.

For a refreshing one, sip on a fresh fruit smoothie.


Rule of thumb for street food? Don’t eat any where that’s empty. Always go for the crowded spots!

Go to an island. Thailand’s beaches are world renowned and you would be remiss if you spent all your time in the cities. Hop a boat and head to an island for a few days beach side. We loved Koh Phi Phi.

Beach Life

You can take a half-day trip to the island where they filmed The Beach!  (An extremely touristy trip, but a fun story nonetheless.)

Where they filmed The Beach

Rent snorkel gear and see what’s out there. One of days on Koh Phi Phi, we rented fins, masks, and snorkels for ridiculously cheap and hiked over the hill to a deserted beach. We spent a few hours playing around in the water looking at the fish and coral. It’s a great way to active if you’re tired of sitting on the beach.

Snorkel gear!

Stay at a nice resort. Southeast Asia resorts cost a fraction of the price that US ones do, which means you can spend a few nights in a luxury hotel without breaking the bank. We found a smoking deal on Travel Zoo and were able to spend 3 nights at a5 start resort. It was the perfect end to our trip!

Resort living

If you’re considering Thailand, but are apprehensive about all you’ve heard, don’t be! There is plenty to do without getting crazy!

RQ: What is your go-to, non-partier activity for home or away?

8 Easy, Not Totally Healthy Superbowl Dishes to Feed A Crowd

I’m not exactly into the Superbowl for the sport of football. Sure, I get into it as much as I can, but really, I’m about the food.

Growing up, it was sharing a bag of Cheetos with my dad. Now, it’s making some delicious things that I don’t normally put together. Rob’s request this year is wings…that’ll be a new experience for me.

Before I get into the food, I just wanted to recommend that you follow the same  tips you used to stay healthy through Thanksgiving especially if you’re more into the food like I am!

Here are a few dishes that could definitely work if you have a bunch of people coming over for the game. They would be best if you are going the heavy appetizers route, which is my favorite way to eat. A little of this and a little of that.

Sweet and Spicy Meatballs - Keep a crockpot on simmer and serve with toothpicks.

Sweet and Spicy Meatballs

Skinny Veggie Dinner Dip - Serve with tortilla chips, extra sour cream, and a bit of guacamole.

Skinny Vegetable Dinner Dip

Pizza Quick Rolls - Quick, easy, and perfect if you have kids around.

Pizza Quick Rolls

Sweet and Spicy Cashew Chicken Nuggets - Cut chicken into smaller, thinner chunks to make it go further.

Sweet and Spicy Cashew Chicken

Cauliflower Tots - Another fun dish for kids (and adults). Serve with a light dressing-type dip.

Cauliflower Tots

Iron Packed Spinach Bites - A good one for your more health-concious guests, and a fun way to add a bit more green to your spread.

Iron Packed Spinach Balls

Chocolate Strawberry Banana Bites - On a stick means no messy ice cream scooping or oven warming.

Chocolate Strawberry Banana Bites

One more recipe I’ve tried that turned out delicious, but haven’t posted:

Soft Pretzel Bites with cheese sauce from Smells Like Home

Soft Pretzel Bites

Bring on the game!

RQ: What do you like to eat during Superbowl Sunday?

8 Reasons Why You Need to Give ClassPass a Try

*I received a free month of ClassPass in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own. 

For the past few weeks, I have been testing out ClassPass, a unique program where for $99 a month you get to attend unlimited classes at specific fitness studios. ClassPass just recently launched in Denver and after trying it out, I am thrilled it is here! It is such a fun way to get moving!

ClassPass Website Photo

Before I get into why you should give it a try, here are a few more details about it:

  • ClassPass is in currently in 22 cities including NYC, Boston, San Francisco, LA, the twin cities, Dallas, Portland, and Washington D.C.
  • You are limited to 3 classes per studio per month.  However, once the next month starts, you can visit that favorite studio again for 3 times!
  • You can workout in ANY city on ClassPass.  We just announced ClassPass Flex (read more here!).
  • An alternative to a gym membership.

Ok, here is why I have basically adored my ClassPass membership for the past few weeks:

You won’t get bored. ClassPass offers a ton of class options for its members, so you don’t run the risk of getting bored with any one style of class. For instance, in the few weeks I tried ClassPass I was able to try cross fit, pure barre, yoga, bootcamp, and spinning.

You’re supporting small businesses. Since ClassPass partners with boutique studios, you’re giving the little guys some love rather than the box box chain gyms. While I don’t have a problem with either, I do love that the smaller gyms are getting a chance to show off their stuff.

Barre Class @ Ballet Physique

You won’t want to skip the gym. Ok, I can’t guarantee that you won’t want to skip a class, but I can guarantee that the likely hood of skipping a class is extremely low. ClassPass charges $20 if you cancel a class with less than 24 hours notice. Knowing you have to pay to not workout? I’d get my butt in gear.

You can try out classes you’ve hear a lot about. Like I mentioned above, I was able to try a whole bunch of different styles of class. One of the ones I was excited to try was pure barre. I’ve heard a ton about it and, while I enjoyed the class, was able to realize that it is just not for me. Bootcamp and spinning is much more my style!

Fundamentals Class @ Balance Athletics

You’ll get some new workout inspiration. With all the new moves you’re likely to learn at the classes you attend, you can bring those moves back to the gym with you for your solo sessions, or if you decide ClassPass isn’t right for you.

Here is an example of a workout I did with my Lean Mean 2015 Burners that was inspired by the pure barre class I attended:

Barre Tabata

It’s a great way to change up your workouts if you’re getting bored. Need something new after training months for a race? Just bored with your gym routine in general? ClassPass is the perfect way to keep you moving while you change up your routine. So many classes, so little time!

You’ll meet new people. Every person at every class, instructors and participants alike, were so stinking friendly. Everyone made me feel comfortable and was excited to have me there. It was a great way to meet some new faces!

Ladies Only Bootcamp @ Inward Fitness

The website is extremely user friendly. Not only does the ClassPass website keep track of how many class and what studios you’ve been too, but it also let’s you know if you’ve already signed up for a class at a specific time. That way you don’t have to keep referring to your own calendar to make sure classes don’t conflict. So helpful!

Already reserved: ClassPass screen shot

In case you’re interested, here is a list of the classes I took throughout the city:

Overall, I just loved my ClassPass experience and would definitely consider signing up for another month, especially during the winter when running outside is tougher. This is a great option to get me moving and mixing things up.

RQ: How do you breathe new life into your workouts? Is ClassPass something you would consider trying?

Sweet and Spicy Meatballs

With the blizzard-like conditions we had around here most of the day, a hot meal sounds particularly cozy. Since I’m a little soup and stewed out, these sweet and spicy meatballs are just the ticket. Not to mention ridiculously easy to make!


Sweet and Spicy Meatballs


  • 2 pounds frozen meatballs (I used Italian style)
  • 1 jar chili sauce (12 ounces)
  • 1 jar grape jelly (16 ounces)


  1. Slightly heat meatballs over medium heat in a large saucepan or pot.
  2. Whisk together grape jelly and chili sauce.
  3. Add jelly/chili sauce to meatballs and bring to a boil.
  4. Reduce to simmer and occasionally stir for 1-2 hours.
  5. Serve over zoodles, with a side of vegetables, or just with a toothpick!

Sweet and Spicy Meatballs

These meatballs are a great party appetizer! You can just leave them simmering in a crockpot with some toothpicks on the side. If you’re have a big party, I would definitely double the recipe as these barely last with two of us in the house!

RQ: What is your favorite easy party recipe or non soup/stew cozy dish?