Bodyweight AMRAP 30 Workouts

Congratulations on making it to Wednesday! It’s all downhill from here (in a good way). Since I’ve had something after school every night so far, I am looking forward to a mellow Thursday and Friday apart from work and cross country practice.

Escaped Chicken

Our neighbors have chickens and one of them escaped into our yard. We ran around for a while trying to catch him!

Before I share today’s workout, I wanted to let you know that the Lean Mean 2015 & Spring Burn (my personal favorite) workouts are up for sale at $9.99 each. That’s 62 cents a workout for the Lean Mean 2015 and 55 cents for the Spring Burn. The programs include 4-weeks of full body workouts, a training log, pictures of each move, and a workout cheat sheet. If you need some new workout ideas and a program to follow, I highly recommend it!

Burns for Sale

On to this Bodyweight AMRAP 30 workout. I am all about workouts that are quick, efficient, and use minimal equipment. Thankfully this one only requires a timer!

Bodyweight AMRAP 30

Make sure you warm up before you start the workout. You can use this one, or go for an easy 5-10 minute jog/other cardio.

Quick question for you all: Are you interested in the beginner modifications and advanced progressions for the posted workouts? I can’t fit them in the images, but could list them at the bottom of each workout if it’s something you think would benefit you. Just let me know!

Please consult your physician before starting any new workout program.

If you want a personalized workout plan, I would love to work with you! Shoot me an email at, or leave a comment and I’ll get in touch to schedule your free consultation.

RQ: Are you interested in the beginner modifications and advanced progressions for workouts I post? What are your favorite bodyweight moves?

Tall Tales Tuesday: 8 Things to do in Bruges When Traveling Solo

During my study abroad in London while in college, I had the opportunity to travel to Bruges, Belgium solo for a few days. Since it was my first solo trip in a foreign country, I was a bit nervous about the whole endeavor. However, Bruges proved to not only be beautiful, but I felt completely safe as a single, female wanderluster.

Canals of Bruges

I spent three days exploring the town, staying in a single room in a hostel, and eating more chocolate than should be legal in a day. Since bars and nightclubs hold no interest for me when traveling solo, here are a few things to do if you’re on your own, or with others, in Bruges:

1. People watch in Burg Square. The center of the city is charming day or night and is a true tourist destination with the little surrounding stores, carriage rides, and architecture.

Burg Square

I was actually there when they did a bit of night filming for the Colin Farrell movie, In Bruges.

2. Climb the Belfry.

Belfry 2

Like the trailer said, it is a bunch of winding stairs to the top, but the views are worth it. Since you’re huffing and puffing up the stairs, you don’t have time to talk to anyone anyway. The perfect solo traveler activity.

View from the Belfry

3. Have a quiet moment in the Church of Our Lady. Gorgeous stained glass, a beautiful alter, and an incredible organ makes for a peaceful visit to this cathedral. It’s also a perfect place to rest your feet after climbing those Belfry steps!

4. Take a canal boat tour. Ok, so this one was a little awkward to do on my own, but everyone was so kind and into their own sightseeing tour that they didn’t care. I highly recommend taking a canal boat tour since you’ll see the buildings, streets, and bridges from a different angle.

Canal Boat Tour

5. Taste the chocolate. Taste all the chocolate. Seriously. Then buy some to take home with you so you can do more tasting.

6. Visit Beguinage. Even though I was there mid-February so the daffodil fields weren’t blooming, this home of the nuns was peaceful and beautiful. Definitely worth the stroll through the gardens.


7. Walk along the canal. Bruges boasts an easy-to-follow pathway along its major canal. Watch out for cyclists, but grab a sandwich, walk a bit, and then sit water-side for a bite.

Canal Walk

8. Bike somewhere. I didn’t rent a bicycle because of the colder weather, but I know in the summer months, it’s the thing to do. Do as the locals do!

Bikes Everywhere

RQ: What would be your favorite activity in Bruges? Solo travel: yay or nay?

Free Weekly Fit Planner

Hello Hello! I hope you had a fantastic weekend. Rob and I finally had a garage sale (and subsequent multiple Goodwill runs) to get rid of the things that were left in our house when we bought it. It is so cathartic to clean out the stuff! A few bargain hunters mentioned how easy our signs were to follow. So glad no one got lost in suburbia!

Garage Sale - Directing to our house

As we move into another week, I have to ask: What do you use to keep track of your workouts? What do you use to monitor what is and is not working from week to week? What do you use to remind yourself of your whys?

If the answer is nothing, then I seriously recommend you to, at the very least, start tracking your workouts. Even if it’s just a quick note on what you did that day.

Workout tracking

I strongly encourage all of my clients to track their daily workouts, motivations, successes, and “work ons” each week. It is so important to have that time to reflect, learn, and progress on your daily activity. Looking back on these things can show you patterns that are both successful to, and hindering, your fitness journey.

This one-page Weekly Fit Planner was developed for the Lean Mean 2015 Burn (which you can now get the workouts for!), but I wanted to share it with you all since I think it is such a valuable resource. You can get your copy of the one-page Weekly Fit Planner here.

Fit Planner Example

The one-page Weekly Fit Planner gives you space to write:

  • Goals for the week
  • Daily workouts
  • Two quotes
  • How you feel at the beginning of the week
  • A Tuesday success
  • Commitments to yourself
  • Today’s excuse and excuse buster
  • Motivation reminders
  • What you’re proud of
  • What you still need to work on

At the very least, try out the Fit Planner for 3-4 weeks and see how it helps you be more mindful of what is, and isn’t, working for you, what motivates you, and what keeps you accountable.

Get your Weekly Fit Planner here.

If you would like someone to review your Weekly Fit Planner with you, I would love to work with you! Feel free to email me at, or leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you to set up time for your free consultation.

RQ: How do you keep track of your workouts, successes, and whys?